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When it comes to offering an array of customised solutions to chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, oil refinery, power generation and water treatment, we are the experts who produces Mixed Salt Crystallizer. The crystallization process has long been used in the manufacture of commodity chemicals such as sodium chloride and sodium sulphate.

Generally salt crystallizer provides high purity salt for chemical grade, pharmaceutical or food grade salts. It is a high efficiency and energy saving condenser. It operates under vacuum and low-temperature conditions and provides rapid evaporation. Offered range of crystallizers are used to concentrate feed into solid crystals and clean water. Crystallization is a process of solid-liquid separation in which solid crystals are formed from a liquid solution. Crystallizers can eliminate liquid wastes to create zero liquid discharge (ZLD).

Salt Recovery From Mixed Salt Crystallizer Supplier

Usually crystallization is divided into two stages such as primary nucleation and secondary nucleation. In primary nucleation involves the growth of new crystals and the secondary nucleation grows crystals and is the main stage that causes the mass production of crystals. There are evaporative crystallization processes, and cooling crystallization processes.

We have a team of highly qualified technical professionals, design engineers and management specialists who had core expertise and decades of experience in this field. Pinakin Technology Solutions has in place strategic alliances with global experts to provide their clients the best technologies and cost effective solutions at the stipulated time frame.

Manufactured assortment of Salt Recovery from Mixed Salt Crystallizer is highly demanded by our all national and international clients only because of their unmatched features such as superior quality, easy operation, and nominal price, require less maintenance, effectively handles all types of salts, Certified Salt Crystallizer, hassle free performance before & after sales services, and many others.