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Electro coagulation (EC) is a technique and an electrochemical wastewater treatment process, wash water treatment, industrially processed water, and medical treatment used by a variety of industries. The process de-stabilizes and aggregates contaminant particles, ions such as heavy metals, and colloids, using an electrical charge to hold them in solution. In this technology, the simplest form uses an electrochemical cell where a DC voltage is applied to the electrodes which is usually made of iron or aluminium, and the electrolyte is water or wastewater.

Chemical oxygen demand (COD) is a traditional and widely used indicator of water quality. COD measures the amount of oxygen used for the chemical oxidation of inorganic and organic matter contained in the wastewater. Causes for high COD include biodegradable organic,

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non-biodegradable, and inorganic oxidize compounds. EC is a promising water-treatment process because of its simple design and operation. However, the high cost of electricity is the main barrier which slows down its use in industrial applications. Recently, the developing promotion of renewable energy sources has decreased energy costs, generating new interest in the electro coagulation process for the treatment of industrial wastewater. Moreover, the use of renewable energy sources with this processing method can promote an eco-friendly method of wastewater treatment.

During these days, electro coagulation process has been used in so many industrial applications such as for the treatment of municipal wastewater, textile wastewater, poultry manure wastewater, landfill leachate, rose processing wastewater, chemical mechanical polishing wastewater, and so on.

Here are written some advantages of Electro coagulation Wastewater Treatment:

  • This system can process multiple contaminants in one pass.
  • Offered array of system provide very low sludge production.
  • This process can be done with very low maintenance cost because this system is easy to operate.
  • Furthermore, this system produces effluent with lower TDS.
  • Manufactured array of system can easily handle in water quality variations.
  • Our electrochemical treatment system is versatile and can be utilized in many different sectors. The system can treat process water, wastewater, drinking water and more.