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Inspired by the positive response from our clients, we have been committed to manufacture, supply and export robustly constructed Scrubber Wastewater Treatment. Industrial air scrubbers can be either dry or wet. To remove the pollutants, usually dry scrubber use solid materials, while wet scrubbers use liquid solvents. But both type of scrubbers removegas pollutants and related odors from industrial exhaust streams.

Generally, wet scrubbers are highly demanded in the market for pollutant removal than dry scrubbers. Offered assortment of scrubbers are very important for industrial manufacturing or wastewater treatment facilities, as they keep pollutants from contaminating outside air.

Wet scrubber is an equipment which is used for cleansing hot flue gases to get rid of the fugitive discharges. Water is the conventional

Scrubber Wastewater Treatment in Ahmedabad

fluid which is used to collect and carry the solid particles to a discharge tank. Offered range of scrubber wastewater treatment plant is furnished with spray towers and packed scrubbers. At our manufactured unit, we make different types of scrubbers that are mentioned here: Jet Venturi Fume Scrubber System, Vent Gas Scrubber System, High Energy Venturi Scrubber System, Packed Tower Gas Scrubber, and Packaged Scrubber.